Libido through nutrition

Libido through nutrition

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The primary goal: to activate dopamine in the morning, because it accelerates the drives. Dopamine deficiency due to lack of food intake rich in its precursors (tyrosine and phenylanine) and it is the motivation, the concentration and the libido that fall ... While the stress will skyrocket!

Breakfast idea to boost dopamine:

  • A boiled egg with 30 to 40 gr of dried meat
  • A half avocado and a handful of organic almonds
  • A cup of black tea from Yunnan

Histidine is another amino acid that acts on the blood, the nervous system, growth and tissue repair. It contributes to increase the libido, is necessary to the mechanism of the orgasm as much in the man as the woman and increases the sensations during the act. Its sources in the diet: rice, oats, wheat germ, cheese, poultry and pork.

Vitamin B3 is involved in hormone synthesis as well as energy production, nerve impulses and mood. Its sources in the diet: white meat, fish, whole grains, eggs, wheat germs, green vegetables, dried fruits.

Finally, it is said that iodine is a trace element of love exchanges, because it regulates the thyroid, the gland of emotion. The dietary sources of iodine are onions, turnips, radishes, green vegetables, sea salt, seafood, pineapple, fish, garlic, watercress and seaweed ...

Midi 100% libido

  • 160 to 200 gr of tartar steak with bulgur and pine nuts with a green salad and mung beans, all sprinkled with squash seeds
  • Drink: a glass of still water

The boosting snack

  • 20 to 30 g vanilla dark chocolate with seasonal fruit
  • Drink: a glass of ginger juice (Baïlo)

And some evening meal ideas

  • Seaweed tartare with sardines in walnut oil.
  • Supreme saffron chicken with coral lentils and broccoli mousse.
  • Pineapple carpaccio with vanilla.

You will find the complete recipes of the evening meals in Olivier's Books.

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