Log 3 - Fitness and Spa in Vevey and St-Légier

Log 3 - Fitness and Spa in Vevey and St-Légier

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As you put on your blue slippers after walking in the door, you can already hear a sweet mixture of laughter, music and encouragement.

Whether you come across one of the young and dynamic members of the staff or on the master of the place - Loïc Perroud, an imposing and affable fellow - we are immediately made to understand that it is not in a an ordinary fitness center that you put your feet in, but in a club.

The laughs are those of the members, who are all called by their respective names.

The Log3 is a great family of good crazy going from teenager to retiree, mixing all classes, origins. A tower of Babel where everyone respects himself, so it is understandable.

The music resonating in the walls, that the coaches and the receptionists manage according to you
be Rock, Pop, Deep House or Hip Hop, puts us in the best position, so that
each one bring out the Rocky that is in him or Sarah Connor who is in it. Because at Log3, we do not
not put any commercial piece to fel out the sound of cardio and dumbbells that
pile up, clash. We create you the BO of your training.

Let's go back to the encouragement that we could hear in the background at our entrance: these are
those of Divina Varela, the other charismatic patron of the club. At this moment, it is a group class which she animates, offering of her person and her voice, motivating each member like nobody.

This woman full of life, cojones much larger than many macho found in some centers, is alone a symbol of this passion that fills every employee of Log3. A passion mingled with professionalism and a desire to do things seriously but without doing it, which reflect the values ​​we have at Bourquin Nutrition. Because as we have often said, we favor partnerships on a human scale, and it is this humanity that transpires those who frequent the centers of Vevey and Saint-Légier that touches every subscriber.

The fruits of this passion are that today the two fitness are running at full speed, not without
some sacrifices. Because at the resumption of the former Gold Gym Panorama in 2006, blow of heart of the boss, by his customers of district ensuring more conviviality than elsewhere, all was not gained.

Because as confided with a smile the Loïc, If he was strong in coaching, physical preparation and relationship, the administrative was another pair of sleeves. These
it was Divina who rolled them up, reconciling at the time her work as a teacher to that
of businesswoman. She will then make the choice to engage fully in the world of fitness, their fitness. Reception, office, personal training, group lessons, companions of life and work are on all fronts.

So much for the story, and this well-deserved success story!

Currently, the Team Log 3 crystallizes our collaboration by making our famous Challenge, accompanied by our BN products that can also be found in the clubs of Vevey and Saint-Légier!

So wish them good luck to take it up!

In any case do not hesitate to visit them and discover their facilities, and share our
common passion, that of improving in the good mood the well-being of each one!

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