Bowel Problems - Natural Solutions
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Bowel Problems - Natural Solutions

I see more and more often patients with intestinal problems, ranging from an irritable bowel that irritates their quality of life through the problems of intestinal hyperpermeability that may result in Crohn's disease that rotten them.

Often the medical world provides few solutions to their problems and apart from giving them a list of prohibited foods with the result of being almost nothing to eat, they find themselves alone with their problems of the digestive system ... And when this system is not working, not much is going well. Yet there are solutions to strengthen the intestinal mucosa, they are of course a specific diet, not too limiting, but especially by micro nutrition.

What is intestinal flora?

The intestinal flora is the set of microorganisms - that is to say 100'000 billion bacteria - which are in the digestive tract. About 1'000 different intestinal bacteria have been identified. The intestinal flora of an adult human can weigh between 1.5 kg and 2 kg. The friendly bacteria produce substances useful to the body such as digestive enzymes or vitamins. They participate in the digestion of other substances such as urea, cholesterol, triglycerides ..

These good bacteria play an important role in the maintenance of mucosal cells. They modulate intestinal transit time, they participate in intestinal absorption and have important defense functions. The flora prevents pathogens that are ingested daily from becoming established in the digestive tract. We then speak of a barrier effect, when the barrier becomes porous, then begins the real worries ...

What tracks to follow to strengthen the intestinal mucosa?

In my professional activity and through my various trainings, I have a vision of health at 360 ° that allow me to advance some tracks.

Butyrate can enhance the integrity of the intestinal barrier, as can glutamine or turmeric. Pre and probiotics also have a major role to play. The colon, called the large intestine, hosts bacteria living in symbiosis with their hosts, the probiotics. These will greatly influence the state of the intestinal flora, which is essential to the proper functioning of the digestive process.

Otherwise, among the tools that I propose for this intestinal problem, there is one that is less conventional but particularly interesting and effective. This is a hearing aid in the form of wireless headphones ( that will act on brain waves through neurological techniques that will strengthen the enteric nervous system.

These different tools put together at regular intervals allow a clear improvement of many intestinal pathologies and those resulting from them. Last little detail, we must be patient and especially think that nothing is ever acquired in this kind of problem. In fact it's the work of a lifetime, because our microbiota is constantly changing! So courage, find the right therapist who can help you in this internal struggle.

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