Double ration of food allergies in Switzerland
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Double ration of food allergies in Switzerland

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On May 27, 2017, we learned in the newspaper Le Matin that both children and adults were more and more affected by allergies. March 26, 2018, same newspaper, same report.

Allergies very often crossed, the immune system reacts badly in the presence of different types of allergens such as pollen, animal hair, certain foods ...

For my part, from my early childhood to adulthood, I have encountered a considerable number of allergies and I am very happy to have no need to cross them, even from afar; it changed my life! Heredity plays an important role, my mom had hay fever, asthma, edema food and I too with some skin problems and mouth ulcers depending on what I ate ...

The article also calls into question the current excess of hygiene that does not expose us enough to the micro-organisms of our environment, weakening our immune system. Ah finally ! the key word is dropped; the immune system ... which comes largely from our intestines. Moreover, it is even more important to support the microbiota of an individual if he was born by cesarean section and he did not have the chance to enjoy the good breast milk ... cf. the book "The Discreet Charm of the Gut: Everything about a Unhappy Organ" by Giulia Enders.

So how to strengthen this famous defense system?

The newspaper article says again that there is no cure for these allergy problems, I do not agree with that. My personal experience and nutritionist shows me that we can very strongly limit or even eliminate allergy problems.

This is by increasing the intake of good bacteria in the intestine, but also strengthen the anti-oxidant system of our body, that's why I advise taking spirulina daily with probiotics in case of allergies. The excellent feedback received on my pack "preparation allergies" proves me, if need be, that the key to allergy is the intestine and inflammation.

One thing I will always be allergic to is giving up solutions, especially if they are natural!

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