Lemon to alkalize your body
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Lemon to alkalize your body

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Every morning it is customary and good practice to clean his teeth, why not do the same with his liver? Remember that the liver is the largest gland in our body and that it provides three vital functions: a purification function, a synthesis function and a storage function.

Rather than starting your day with a cup of coffee and acidifying your body a little more and clogging your liver, it is better to prepare a glass of lemon water. Lemon stimulates, facilitates the breakdown of fats and their evacuation, it combats gastric acidity and decreases uric acid.
Lemon has an acidic taste but it is alkaline, indeed, when a food called acid enters the body, it will bring minerals and thus participate in maintaining an ideal pH. On the contrary, an acidifying food whose degradation product is acidic will cause a loss of minerals in order to neutralize it.

In the morning, drink the juice of a 100% organic squeezed lemon with a weakly mineralized water. Water too rich in minerals can have bad consequences due to the accumulation of these in the body. The liver and kidneys will be strongly urged to eliminate them, thus diverting them from their usual tasks; this can lead to chronic fatigue.

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