Dopamine, this natural amphetamine
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Dopamine, this natural amphetamine

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Is it the fact of making dopamine that creates the motivation or is it the motivation that allows the manufacture of dopamine? And certainly both ... Indeed he has shown that small regular success boost dopamine, which will then undertake new tasks with enthusiasm.

In the case where dopamine is missing, for X reasons, then increase the contributions in tyrosine by testing the BN Energy, a concentrate of good energies, which allows to turn the vicious circle into a virtuous circle.

As a reminder, dopamine acts like a natural amphetamine and controls our energy, our excitement about new ideas and our motivation. She is in charge of functions such as blood pressure and digestion. It generates the electrical current that allows for voluntary movement, exercise of intelligence, abstract thinking, decision-making, long-term project development, and personality expression.

Deregulation of dopamine can result in the following physical disorders: dependence of any kind, obesity, intense fatigue, Parkinson's disease.

The precursors of dopamine are two amino acids, phenylalanine and tyrosine, found in protein-rich foods, so you should prioritize them in your diet.

The best sources of phenylalanine and tyrosine are high-protein foods such as meat, chicken, duck, cottage cheese and wheat germ.

To make dopamine well, you must not miss:

  • Iron: foods rich in iron are: blood sausage, liver of heifer, poultry, veal, beef, lamb, tuna, sardine, lentil, white bean, parsley, walnuts
  • Copper: foods rich in copper are: calf's liver, squid, hazelnut, lentil
  • Vitamin B3: foods rich in vitamin B3 are: veal liver, peanut, turkey, chicken, kidney, salmon, whole rice
  • Vitamin B6: foods rich in B6 vitamins are: soy, liver, yeast, turkey, banana, tuna, salmon, walnuts, potatoes with skin
  • Vitamin B9 or folate: foods rich in vitamin B9 are: liver, yeast and green vegetables
  • Vitamin C: foods rich in vitamin C are: citrus fruits and many fruits
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