Survive the holidays # 1. The aperitif
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Survive the holidays # 1. The aperitif

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Often, what is proposed as an aperitif is not very healthy, on the contrary. To stuff oneself with crisps and other salty biscuits will not favor the future digestion of the entire meal to come. While there is a healthy solution, tasty and strengthening the quality of intestinal flora: small fermented vegetables and acidulous.

The famous pickles - which means "put in brine or vinegar" - provide a fermentation that can develop the growth of good bacteria that can benefit our gut.

Preparing pickles - pickles, onions, cauliflower, turnips, beets - in brine also helps to keep seasonal vegetables, their taste then becoming more acidic.

With their good bacteria - the famous probiotics - these foods come back alive and contain no additives, only salt.

Note that fermentation can increase the nutritional value of vegetables; by an increase in enzymes, the assimilation of nutrients from vegetables will be optimized.

According to Sylvie Lortal, director of research at INRA, these microorganisms produced by good fermentation are able to degrade phytates, anti-nutritional factors that trap minerals and make them less available. They will then be able to increase the availability of minerals for our entire body. Interesting, no?

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