Dietary advice to maintain a good acid-base balance

Dietary advice to maintain a good acid-base balance

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Not so basic ... Despite constant environmental changes, our cells must be able, through many physiological mechanisms, to maintain good internal stability, we speak of homeostasis.
Among the elements necessary for this internal dynamic equilibrium, the acid-base balance plays an important role.

But let's go back to the risks of an unbalanced pH and the possible consequences of too much acidity on our health. Some signs of a body too acidic: fatigue - especially morning, nervous disorders, infections, digestive problems, burning sensations, gout, poor blood circulation, skin disorders, metabolic disorders, heart problem, hypertension, inflammations, urinary disorders, pain, cramps, body aches, migraines, bone fragility, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, overweight ...

Here are 12 more food tips to balance your pH:

1. Decrease your salt intake.
2. Eat more potassium (root vegetables, greens, potatoes, bananas, apricots).
3. Always accompany meat, eggs, fish with green vegetables.
4. Choose whole grains because in the refined ones the basic minerals have disappeared.
5. Drink plenty of water, especially one containing water rich in bicarbonates.
6. Do not deprive yourself of foods that taste acidic or tart. Lemon for example is acid in the mouth but on the contrary, because of its richness in citrates, highly alkalinizing.
7. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables daily.
8. Reduce the consumption of highly acidifying cheese.
9. Consume spices, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, nutmeg, good for their richness in antioxidants and bases.
10. Keep it simple: the longer the product label, the more additive and therefore acidic the product will be.
11. Limit a maximum sweet foods.
12. Make twice a year a cure of alkalizing formula (BN Base).

If there was only one thing to remember? The acido-basic balance is a pillar essential to our good health.

And you, what are you doing to find or maintain this balance?

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