Kefir - the drink for your intestines!
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Kefir - the drink for your intestines!

New step in the quest for the intestine tinged with good bacteria: make kefir juice!

Why ? Because Kefir is full of good bacteria, vitamins and proteins. It is even said that the peoples of the Caucasus - where these "miraculous" grains come from - could live up to 110 years in great shape!

The kefir drink produced here is obtained by fermentation of kefir grains of milk. These are made of casein and a gelatinous set of microorganisms including the famous probiotics, so important for our intestinal flora. Drinking kefir juice is drinking of life to make you feel even more sparkling.

Note that Kefir juice can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant. These other virtues are numerous, it strengthens the immune system, it reduces allergy problems, it improves sleep - serotonin is largely manufactured in the enteric nervous system - it also acts positively on the stomach, gallbladder and the liver.

Tradition has it that kefir grains give themselves from friend to friend; a present useful for its organs.

Know that making kefir juice is simple and takes little time ... Here is a recipe example on the site of econest:

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