Sleep - Disruptive elements, how to cope?

Sleep - Disruptive elements, how to cope?

Sleep - What are the external disruptive elements and how to cope?
As we saw in this first article of our theme week on sleep, almost ⅓ of the population suffers from sleep problems, with all the side effects they can cause.

Our ambassador Lionel Fleury, a talented osteopath based in Murten, tells us more about the elements likely to disturb your sleep ... and especially how to fix it!

"Many factors can compromise our sense of security, which triggers in us a hyper sympathicotonia chronic, deleterious for all our body and especially for the quality of our sleep.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most common reasons that you will find in the form of small questions.

Is my home safe? Am I safe at home? Am I afraid someone will break into my home? To rob or assault me ​​at home?
If you answered yes to one or more of his questions here are some answers. Seeking to secure your house or apartment with the anti-intrusion system of your choice, buy a big dog, do you manage to go out with the Schwarzi look-alike !!!

Do not you feel at home at home? Are you late coming home at night?
If you answered yes, it's because your home is not sweet! You do not recognize yourself in the place where you live, perhaps because your partner or another member of your family takes up too much space. Reverse the trend, mark your territory by avoiding of course to pee in every corner, it is rarely appreciated by the spouse ... A conflict in the household can also be at the origin. In that case, it would be better, as far as possible, to try to resolve the situation and achieve peace.

Do you have a problem of soundproofing, source of nuisance awakenings? Do you hear all the noises of the street, cars, rushes out of box, and others?, Do you have the impression to live in colocation with your dear neighbors?
If so, move as soon as possible !!!

Do you have screens in your bedroom, TV or other? Your WIFI is on all night? Will you go to bed just by watching TV, computer or any other screen? Can not you go to sleep without consulting your social network accounts?
If so, know that the blue light emitted by any screen and a powerful exciting cerebral and strongly decreases the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone ... More blue light at least an hour before the diaper and no screens where you sleep, not even your phone. The wifi and Bluetooth waves are at ultra-short frequencies, like the microwave! It's up to you to see if you want to cook your brains all night !!! If you do not master those neighbors turn off at least yours (the closest to you so the most powerful list), it's better than nothing.

Do you watch every night the news at 19:30? Do you tend to watch movies, TV series or violent TV shows before going to bed?
If so avoid, even if the charm of Darius Rochebin makes you climb the curtains! Why ? Simply because, the majority of information distilled to news is negative and promote the feeling of insecurity! Assaults of all kinds, murders, rapes, and so on. At the sight of these images your unconscious takes them as counting agent and asks the question when will be your turn ... Not sure that it promotes sleep! Instead, focus on a little reading or meditation before going to bed, which makes falling asleep easier.

Do you tend to bring back the problems and worries of working at home? Can your boss or boss reach you at any time of day or night? You do not have a dedicated professional place at home while you sometimes work at home?
If yes, at the first question, take 5 minutes before leaving work and take stock of the day, write down on a sheet of paper the positives and on another sheet the negative points, the unresolved problems, what you have not had time to finish or do in your day. Positive paper remains prominently on the desk, while the other can be stored in a desk drawer. In this way the problems of the job remain confined to work and you will not carry them away with you anymore! The next day start by re-reading the positives of the day before to start a good day, the sheet stored in the drawer will be out when you feel attack to do so. For the second, turn off your phone before arriving home. For the third, it's simple to arrange an office dedicated to your professional activity.

At home, do you never have a minute for yourself? Are you constantly caught up in your thoughts? Are you idealistic, see a little perfectionist around the edges? Should everything be done without delay, and better to do it yourself because it is faster and better done?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, try to relax, focus on the essentials, that is to say, on yourself, favor more Zen activities, such as heart coherence, meditation, Yoga, or even harder, doing nothing for a while and deliberately "wasting your time", even for a moment !!!

Are you worried about a loved one or your own children in trouble and it haunts you all night long?
In case you answered yes to this question, there is no ready-made solution ... Each situation is different and everyone reacts in his own way. But what is certain is that seeking to bear the suffering of others on your shoulders, especially a loved one, will not help him get better or solve his problems, quite the contrary o

I find myself with one more patient on my hands ... From experience, I think that the path of empathy and compassion can be life-saving. Despite the terrible sense of helplessness that we experience and obsess us, all we can do in this kind of situation is to be present, loving and available when needed. I am also convinced that being able to talk about it, to confide in someone, to be able to express your frustrations and not to brood over your worries is also a source of liberation.

Feelings of insecurity, worries, worries, stress, hyperactivity, overwork, pollution (sound, visual, electromagnetic), the pressure of the performance are the source of a deleterious hyper sympathicotonia chronic for all our organism and especially for the quality of our sleep.

Indeed, in this case, the fragile balance of our neuro-vegetative system is broken, our para sympathetic is at half-mast and we have bobo because we do not sleep anymore !!!

In conclusion, I can only encourage you to take care of your para friendly, because "it is well worth it" and above all it will make you a hundredfold! Now knowing that the key is your own sense of security, nurture it with special care for your inner and outer well-being. I am convinced that with the introduction of some Cocooning tips and a few BN Nutritions nutritional supplements you will go to sleep again like a dormouse! "

Another big thank you to Lionel Fleury for this article!

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