Sleep, brainwaves and binaural sounds binaural

Sleep, brainwaves and binaural sounds binaural

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Brain waves - understanding them, influencing them
The brain emits waves whose intensity is measured in hertz (Hz) - that is to say in number of ripples per second. They can be visualized using an electroencephalogram. Thus, they reflect the mental state of the individual and are related to what the person does, thinks, feels.

When the brain is functioning normally, the waves are in phase with the behavior of the individual, his activity at this or that moment. As we saw in the article on sleep, the waves vary for example according to the sleep cycle.


Generally, it is difficult to control the frequency of these brain waves. That said, they can be influenced to reduce stress or improve the quality of sleep, for example.

There are several methods, including hypnosis or meditation, both of which require a certain level of expertise. Another method, accessible to everyone, is that of binaural sounds.

Binaural sounds
Binaural sounds are sounds - listened to using headphones - whose sound content is the same but in a different tone. For example, the same sound will be transmitted at 114 Hz in the right ear and at 124 Hz in the left ear. The brain will analyze the information and then retain the difference between the two, or 10 Hz. After a few seconds, it will draw its brain waves on the difference between the two, or 10 Hz.

Thus, depending on its purpose and desired state of consciousness, a wave will be recommended. In order to reach a deep relaxation, listen to binaural sounds related to Theta waves!

It is possible to listen to binaural sounds just before falling asleep, but also during the day, whenever you want. It is advisable to listen to them for about 10 minutes a day. You will find playlists on Spotify for example. And to deepen the subject, visit the website of Project Boa. At the base of the project stands Olivia Boa. Mother of 4 children, passionate about neurology and intrigued by the mechanisms of our brain she developed the concept of Boa Eye Kinetics that combines ART and Neurology to interact on our stress and provide simple and effective solutions to lower our frequencies brain.

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