Grill? Beware of acidity!
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Grill? Beware of acidity!

Summer is here, the barbecue is out. Honestly, who does not like grilled evenings?

But who says grills, often says meats, beers, chips, soda ... All are very acidifying foods - which lead you directly to gout * ... The drop that can overflow the kidney!

So to buffer the acidity caused by these excesses, here are some ideas of dishes and accompaniments particularly basifying to accompany your talents of roaster:

As an aperitif: avocado verrines, pepper, lemon and beetroot, shallot and mustard.

  • As an accompaniment: radish potato curry; grilled vegetables, especially mushrooms and peppers.
  • For dessert: do not skimp on melon, watermelon and why not roasted figs with honey and almonds
  • Drink: Above all, drink plenty of water, rich in bicarbonate and low in sulphate. And why not add a little lemon - which is also particularly alkaline?

In general, here is a list of particularly alkaline foods to promote this summer during your barbecues: avocados, berries, ripe bananas, carrots, raisins, celery, garlic, alfalfa sprouts, sweet apples, apricots, pears, pineapple, passion fruit, vegetable juice, chicory, asparagus, seaweed, watercress, lemon, melon, mango, beet, watermelon.

It is finally easy to make a grilled acid much softer ...

* According to the Swiss Anti-Rheumatism League: "Since ancient times, gout has been known to be a disease of abundance, affecting people who buy wine and meat every day, because the way of life plays a role in it. Overweight, sedentary lifestyle and meat consumption in excess of 50 kilograms per person per year contribute to making gout a rheumatic disease that is still prevalent in Switzerland today. "


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